OpenIG Professional Services

Need Extra help using or integrating OpenIG into your project?  Compro has a set of OpenIG experts that helped write the software and can work with you as well.  They can consult on the specifics of OpenIG and provide services to include:


  1. Host Software Integration Support
    Skilled programmers that are certified by Compro in the design and use of OpenIG will analyze your existing runtime  host software and build an API that will work with your existing host application.

  2. 3D Model Content Development
    Let expert 3D modelers build professional models to include Full Level D Airports with all marking and signs.  For certification at Level D you will need to select how many active runways and active taxiways you will use.  The gates will be done in accordance to the number of runways selected.  For example 2 runways and 2 taxiways will give two Gates fully modeled.   Also includes all the lighting systems required for the specification and the ranges per FAA current specifications (i.e. PAPI, Threshold, Strobe etc...)

  3. Visual Database Development
    Need new visual database terrain developed for your project?  We can support you but due to the complex variables involved like resolutions and number of Area of Interest (AOI) we will need to have a larger specification defined to quote this service.  But we can provide any size including whole earth datasets to meet your requirements.  Click here to start this effort by email




Block Hours
How many Active Runways/Taxiways Level D