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OpenIG::Base::Animations::Animation::Sequence Struct Reference

The Sequence struct. More...

#include <Animation.h>

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Public Attributes

std::string _name
 The name of the Sequence.
std::string _player
 The name of the player.
std::pair< double, double > _timeFrame
 The time in seconds <start,end> of this sequence.
osg::Vec3 _operationVector
 The vector of the linear interpolation of the orientation.
std::pair< double, double > _rotationUpdate
 The update of the orientation along the _operationVector <start,end>
osg::Vec3 _positionalOperationVector
 The vector of the linear interpolation of the positional update.
std::pair< osg::Vec3, osg::Vec3 > _positionalUpdate
 The update of the position <start,end>
unsigned int _playerId
 The ID of the player. Since our players are OpenIG::Base::ImageGenerator::Entity this is the ID.
osg::Vec3 _playerOriginalOrientation
 The original player orientation.
osg::Vec3 _playerOriginalPosition
 The original player position.
bool _swapPitchRoll
 flags to swap pitch and roll in the animation playback computation It is introduced to cover the variety of the Modelers used to build the model
bool _enabled
 Enabled or disabled, if false the sequence is not processed.

Detailed Description

The Sequence struct.

Defintion of a simple Animation sequence See ModelCompositionPlugin implemenetation as a reference

Trajce Nikolov Nick
Sun Jan 11 2015

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