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OpenIG::Base::AnimationSequencePlaybackCallback Class Referenceabstract

The AnimationSequencePlaybackCallback class. More...

#include <Animation.h>

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virtual bool operator() (double value)=0
 operator () More...

Detailed Description

The AnimationSequencePlaybackCallback class.

This callback is here to give the user ability to control the animation playback via runtime value. In our simple animation playback implementation defined in this core, this is the callback that sniffs the change of the animation player orientation or position value and can stop it at certain\ values on criteria used in the inherits. See OpenIG::Base::ImageGenerator::playAnimation

Trajce Nikolov Nick
Sun Jan 11 2015

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool OpenIG::Base::AnimationSequencePlaybackCallback::operator() ( double  value)
pure virtual

operator ()

The current positional or orientational value is passed here so the inherits can decide to stop the animation or let it play

valueThe current run-time value that is result of the linear interpolation of orientation the orientational operation vector
When inherits returns false, the playback is stopped, otherwise nothing happens
Trajce Nikolov Nick
Sun Jan 11 2015

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