OpenIG  2.0.4
cross-platform open-source OpenSceneGraph Image Generator
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAnimationsThe Animations class
 CAnimationThe Animation struct
 CSequenceThe Sequence struct
 CAnimationContainerReferenced pointer of std::vector of Animation
 CRuntimeAnimationThe RuntimeAnimation struct
 CAnimationSequencePlaybackCallbackThe AnimationSequencePlaybackCallback class
 CCommandsThe Commands singleton class
 CCommandThe Command class
 CCommandExecCallbackCallback when command is executed
 CConfigurationThe Configuration class
 CFileSystemThe FileSystem class
 CIDPoolHandy singleton class for ID numbers management
 CIdGroupThe IdGroup struct. Internal for ID management
 CImageGeneratorThe Image Generator abstract interface. This is base class for openig::OpenIG
 CReadNodeImplementationCallbackPerforms cleanup
 CMathThe Math singleton class
 CStringUtilsThe singleton StringUtils class
 CPluginThe Plugin class
 CPluginContextThe PluginContext class
 CAttributeAttribute struct
 CPluginHostThe PluginHost class
 CPluginOperationThe PluginOperation class
 CEngineThe OpenIG class