Muse OpenIG is available for the following operation systems:


•  Microsoft Windows

•  Linux




At this time,  we offer a binary installer for 64bit Windows only.  All others will need to download the source code and compile it on the respective platforms.  In addition to the OpenIG software, the Windows binary installers also provide a sample visual database and a executable demo that allows a user to review the features of OpenIG without the need to use your own test data.


This  download page, has 2 OpenIG download links.  The first one is the OpenIG application itself dependent on you OS. The second one contains the OpenIG sample datasets that are required should you want to run any of the provided demo applications.


If you decide to download the source, from our GitHub repository, please refer the the OpenIG User Forum. for some helpful hints

and suggestions for building it all from source.



Dependencies to build from Source

One of the 3rdparty dependencies for OpenIG core development regardless of the OpenSceneGraph version is the open-source boost C++ sdk.  The needed boost libraries to run the OpenIG-Demo application are installed for you with the demo installer application.   If you will be developing your own new plug-ins, then obviously your individual dependency list will vary.


Now with the latest release of OpenIG we have added new plug-ins and applications that demonstrate more 3rd Party SDK;s integrating with OpenIG.


If these 3rd party SDK's are installed on your system, the OpenIG build system should find them and add them to the plug-ins and applications that will be

built when you build OpenIG.  Should you have an interest in any of these SDK's please download and install them onto your system prior to attempting to

compile OpenIG.  This will give our CMake or Qmake configuration files the opportunity to find them and configure them for building.


All of these SDK's  as well as source code for OpenIG itself are available on GitHub in their specific project/owner locations:


  • Bullet Physics SDK
  • osgBullet SDK
  • osgWorks SDK
  • osgEarth SDK





To see what is changing in this version, please look at the release notes located HERE





Windows OpenIG binary installers



Windows Applications Installer

(Downloads all OpenIG application components and plug-ins, installer still asks you which apps you want to install.)


Windows Application Downloadable Components Installer

(Allows you to choose only the application components you want to download and install.)



Windows Full Dataset:

(Full dataset installer, a sample terrain database and all sample models)


Windows Dataset downloadable components installer

(Allows you to select which dataset components you want to download and install)




SOURCE CODE Download, Check back periodically for source code updates!


If you find OpenIG useful and want it to continue, please consider a donation in any  amount to support the efforts and costs to provide a professional tool for all to use !!!


Thanks to you in advance,


OpenIG Dev Team

Linux Installers


Download Demo Visual Database (VDB and sample Model)

Here is sample  data that you can use to take a test drive of OpenIG.  If you have a current class of Nvidia video card with at

least 1.5 GB of texture memory you can download this data with 1 meter resolution in most of the airport area.


Linux Full Dataset 64bit or 32bit:

(Full dataset installer, a sample terrain database and all sample models)



Linux Dataset downloadable components 64bit or 32bit installers

(Allows you to select which dataset components you want to download and install)

The demo VDB is based on Openflight (.flt) tiles converted to .osgb binaries for optimum performance inside of MUSE OpenIG.


Once you download the data and build OpenIG, you can run the executables. We are advising you to have a quick look at the default.txt files to ensure the paths to the data files you are loading are correct.  For example the sample visual database or the model should you change the default install paths.  By default on Linux the executables are installed in /usr/local/bin/oigXXXX.

Also we have our patched version of OpenScenGraph  3.3.7 for the MAC OS/X for download located at HERE

The current versions of OpenIG have been updated to run with the latest versions of OpenSceneGraph. The latest version that has been tested is OSG version 3.6.0